alter ego cider

Alter Ego Cider is a small-batch, artisanal cidery owned and operated by winemakers, producing food-friendly ciders using distinctly wine-like techniques.

An “alter ego” for winemaker-owners Nate Wall (previous winemaker and cider maker for McMenamins Edgefield Winery), Kris Wall, and Anne Hubatch (owner and winemaker for Helioterra Wines), this collaborative venture serves as a fun extension of the team’s winemaking identities, allowing for a wider range of creative experimentation.

Along with winemaker-turned-cider maker Robert Lauer, the team uses an analytical approach when crafting each cider, drawing from their winemaking knowledge and using slow, cool fermentations to develop nuanced and elegant aromatics and texture.

Each cider is made from Pacific Northwest-grown apples, with seasonal offerings highlighting flavors such as black currant, plum, and lemon. Two flagship ciders, The Brute and The Guardian Angel, are available year-round.

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Photos by Josh Chang.


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