Trifecta Tavern

Opened in 2013 by Ken Forkish of Ken's Artisan Bakery and Ken's Artisan Pizza, Trifecta is a tavern and bakery in Portland's Central Eastside dedicated to seasonal, wood-fired American cuisine.

The region's lengthy growing seasons largely dictate Executive Chef Chris DiMinno’s menu. Trifecta's beverage program by Eddie Riddell features balanced cocktails crafted with house-made ingredients. Pastry Chef Jeremy Eckel offers a playful, Americana-inspired dessert menu that equally highlights seasonal ingredients. 

Trifecta opened a sister location, Trifecta Annex, in Portland's Pine Street Market in April 2016. Trifecta Annex offers breads from Trifecta's bakery, new croissants from Ken Forkish and pizza by the slice, as well as whole pies. 

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Photos by Alan Weiner